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                Nanjing SilverMicro Electronics





                Nanjing SilverMicro Electronics focuses on design and manufacturing power IGBT and MOSFET module products for industrial and other applications.


                SilverMicro was founded in 2007 by nationally recognized expert Dr. Michael Zhuang and his team. Dr. Zhuang has over twenty years of working experience in power device design, processes and applications. Our company occupies more than eighty thousand square meters and is located in SilverMicro Industrial Park, Lishui Economic Develop Zone, Nanjing. So far we have constructed over twenty thousand square meters of manufacturing building, office building, R&D buildings and dorm buildings, including a 2100m2 cleanrooms.


                We have established advanced power module manufacturing capability by adopting modern equipment on processing and characterizing power modules up to 3.3kV. We are certified to ISO9001 as well as ISO14001 since 2009, and majority of our products are also UL certified. We are also capable of performing power module qualification testing such as electrical and environmental life tests in house. We obtained TS16949 certification in 2016.


                Our team consists of core members with extensive experience inUSpower semiconductor industry, which can design, simulate, and characterize standard power modules as well as customized ones. Innovation and improvement are our relentless pursument. We have developed more than ten package platforms and have been granted over 20 patents inChinaso far. Our products have been used for industrial inverters, welding machines, UPS, power supplies and new energy applications. Customization is also our strong forte, and we have successfully developed a series of power modules for our customer’s dedicated applications.  We focus on quality and efficiency, and deliver values to our customers.